Wedding rings FAQ

All wedding rings are made to order by me in my goldsmith shop. I start by alloying the individual base metals together. Only then are sheets and wires cast and rolled. The rings forged and soldered. I set the stones myself.
So the rings are 100% made by myself.

Should you have change requests, this is always possible. Just write to me and tell me what you imagine. I would be happy to work out an individual solution for you and make you an offer.

I am always at your side with advice and action.

If you are unsure which ring size you need, I will be happy to send you a ring sizer after purchase. The sizer is one of my services and saves a lot of trouble and unnecessary sending of the rings back and forth.

The environment is very important to me, so I send the rings in a beautiful, environmentally friendly packaging without plastic. Wood chips are used as filling material.