About me

What is there to say about me ?

My name is Christoph, born in 1979, husband of Meli and father of two wonderful sons Nils and Jonas.

There have been good times and less good times in my life. But sometimes you find your calling out of a difficult time.

I originally trained as a precision mechanic, but got into goldsmithing due to a severe mental crisis and started my own business in 2012 and continued to educate myself. At first I mainly sold at DaWanda. Since 2018 on Etsy and her own shop. Shopify has now joined them in 2022.

I love making other people happy with my work. I also love the creativity and the freedom this work gives me. None of this would be possible without the support of my wife.

I love music and art all beautiful things. Especially Alternative Indie Blues Rock Wave DnB and DUB

My absolute favorite bands include Queens of the Stone Age, Nirvana, The Cure, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Kaiser Franz Josef, The Hives, The Notwist, Tash Sultana and many more.

If I can't hear the phone, the music is too loud or I'm not there.

On the way with the dog. Or anywhere else. There is a Rhodesian Ridgeback lady in our family. SIRI Actually Jasiri Zwishoma something… But no one can remember what breeders think up… She is quite stubborn but somehow it also suits us.

What else ? Oh yes, lots of bees, we are passionate beekeepers. The hum just puts you in a good mood and lots of honey. I can switch off wonderfully.

I like people with depth and crazy souls

In terms of cinema, I like thrillers, horror, fantasy and history, or sometimes a documentary

what else ? Pizza